List of Publications
                                                      HADI ABU-AKEEL, Ph.D.
    1."Damping of High Frequency Vibrations in Aircraft Landing Gear" AIAA Trans. Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 6,
    No. 1, 1969

    2." The Electro-dynamic Vibration Absorber as a Passive or Active Device" ASME Transactions, Journal of
    Engineering for Industry, Nov. 1967

    3."The Characteristics of an Electro-Dynamic Vibration Damper" Ph.D. Thesis, University of California,
    Berkeley, CA 1966

    4.The Characteristics of a Damped Gyrostatic Vibration Absorber" M.Sc. Thesis, University of California,
    Los Angeles, Calif. 1963

    5."NC Robot System for Automotive Painting and Sealing" Robot VI Conference Proceedings, Society of
    Manufacturing Engineers, March 1982

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    7."Intrinsic Robot Safety" Presentation to the Motor Vehicle Manufacturing Association, Proceedings of
    the Robot Safety Conference, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan, June 1983

    8." Kinematic Analysis and Design of Coupled Planetary Gear Trains" with C. P. Day and L. J. Gutkowski,
    ASME Transactions, Journal of Mechanisms, Transmissions, and Automation in Design, Vol. 105, No. 3,
    Sept. 1983, pp 441-444

    9." Hardware for Robotic Safety Systems" Proceedings of the Inter-Robot West Conference, Tower
    Conference Management Company, October 1984

    10." Safety Considerations in Robotic Applications" SAE paper No 841230 presented at the SAE
    Passenger Car Meeting, October 1-4, 1984, Dearborn, Michigan

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    Conference, PVP-Vol. 87, San Antonio, Texas, June 1984

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    '85 Conference, Association for Finishing Processes, AFP?ASME, Sept. 1985, pp 4-23 to 4-39

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    International Symposium on Industrial Robots, pp 239-249, Japan Industrial Robot Association, JIRA,
    Sept. 1985, Tokyo, Japan

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    Analysis and Design, Vol. 1, No. 1, North Holland, April, 1985

    15." The Evolution of a New Technology - The Electrically Powered Paint Robot", RI?SME paper No.
    MS86-390, Transactions of the Robots 10 conference, April 20-24, 1986, Chicago, Illinois

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    USA Symposium on Flexible Automation, Osaka, Japan, July 1986

    17." Robotics Technology Directions in Flexible Automation - A management Perspective" Central Illinois
    Section Meeting, Society of Automotive Engineers, Peoria, Illinois, Nov. 1986

    18."Proposed Mechanical Interface Standards for Industrial Robots" Presented to the Robots 12/ Vision
    88 Conference, June 6-9, 1988

    19." Mechatronics: A Design and Manufacturing Discipline" Keynote presentation, Fourth Conference on
    Design and Manufacturing, Cairo, Egypt, Dec. 27-29, 1988

    20." The Integrated Robotic Laser Processing System" 20th International Symposium on Industrial
    Robots, International Federation of Robotics, IFR, Tokyo, Japan, October 3 1989

    21. A New Tool for Metal Fabrication: the Integrated Robotic Laser Processing System" 21st International
    Symposium, Presentation to the ISATA Conference, Wiesbaden, Germany, November 7, 1989

    22." Robot Applications in Manufacturing" Keynote presentation, Fifth Conference on Design and
    Manufacturing, Alexandria, Egypt December 27-29 1989

    23." Parameters for Integrated Robotic Laser Processing Systems" International Automation Conference,
    Detroit, Michigan June 5-7, 1990

    24." Ditto" Presented at the Integrated Robotic Laser Workshop, General Motors Training Center,
    Warren, Michigan, July 31, 1990

    25."Laser to the Work-piece" Industrial Applications and Approaches Conference, McCormic Place,
    Chicago, Illinois, September 10-11, 1990

    26." Safety of Temporary Robotics Installations" National Robot Safety Conference, October 1990

    27.“Force Feedback” RI/SME Roundtable Session, November 1990, Detroit, Michigan; Society of
    Manufacturing Engineers, SME Paper # MSR91-17

    28." Proposed Methodology To Safeguarding Robots and Robot Systems" Presented at the RIA National
    Robot Safety Conference, October 28, 1992, Robotics Industries Association

    29.“Robotics Safeguarding”, Article published in “Robotics Today”, Vol. 7, No 1, 1994

    30.“ Robotics Safeguarding”, RI/SME Roundtable Session, September 1992, Chicago, Illinois; Society of
    Manufacturing Engineers, SME Paper # MSR94-01

    31.“Flexible Manufacturing in the USA”, Keynote presentation, Pacific Conference on Manufacturing,
    Seoul, Korea, December, 1996

    32.“Identifying Technology Directions from Recognized Drivers and Constraints”, Technology Directions
    Panel, Robotic Industries Forum, Technology Directions Panel, Robotic Industries Association, November  

    33.“Robotics Technology for the 21st Century, Presentation to the 30th ISR Conference, International
    Federation of Robotics, October 28, 1999 – Tokyo, Japan

    34. “Technological Enhancements & their effect on Price/Performance Indicators of Industrial Robots”,
    jointly with G. Rutledge, Article for World Robotics 2000, International Federation of Robotics.

    35.“Product and Technology Trends for Industrial Robots” jointly with S. Holland, Industrial Robots
    Symposium, IEEE-ICRA 2000, San Francisco, Calif. April 2000

    36.“The future of Robotics in Daily Life”, presentation at the American Muslim Scientists and Engineers
    Conference, University of Michigan at Dearborn, Michigan, October 2001.

    37.“Technology Impact on Robot Performance and Economics” presentation at the Robotic Industries
    Forum, Robot Industries Association, November 2004, Orlando, Florida
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