Inventive Design - Intellectual Property

         Mechanical Systems - Robotics - Automation

    Robotics and Automation is an integration of many Technologies; through
    our understanding of those technologies we can provide directions for their
    effective application

    Diverse technologies need more than specialists, they also need integration
    skills that uncover the synergies of the integration.

    Improve, Develop, Invent & Stay Ahead: We help our clients improve their
    products and technologies and protect their  intellectual property

    Not all patentable ideas are worth the expense of protection; on the other
    hand a good idea that goes unrecognized is a loss of a competitive
    advantage that may never return. We help our clients recognize and patent
    what's right and avoid the expense of what's marginal

    Protection of an invention is opportunistic, many inventors do not recognize
    the value of their great inventions until the invention is in use, this is too late
    for effective protection. Through periodic reviews we help our clients protect
    their inventions when the most protection can be acquired.

    Not all issued patents protect the underlying invention well enough. We
    work with  inventors and their  Patent Attorneys to  strengthen the patent
    claims and often uncover technical substance to avoid work-around

    Infringement law suits are a nightmare, they are costly, waist productive time
    and distract management from business. We help our clients avoid them by
    reviewing pending product releases and their underlying technologies
    against prior art, protect their intellectual property; and if sued, develop with
    their Attorneys a strong technical defense.

    Infringement on your patents impair your competitiveness. We help you
    analyse competing products and identify potential infringement. If you sue we
    stand with you and your Attorneys,  provide our expert services and  support
    your case towards a gainful conclusion.
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