HADI A. AKEEL, PhD.                                     
                                    Member NAE, Fellow ASME, Fellow SME, Member IEEE


    PhD, Mechanical Design, University of California, Berkeley, CA
    MS, Engineering Mechanics, UCLA
    BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Cairo, Egypt


  • Over 30 publications in refereed Journals and Conference Proceedings.
  • Over 65 U.S and Foreign Patents: Robotics, Automotive, and Aerospace.


     I- American Technology Engineering Corp, AMTENG, President.
        Consultant, Robotics, automation and Intellectual Property;
        Expert Witness

    Technical Consulting: Assist clients in the design and development of Mechanical, Mechatronic
    and computer controlled products and systems. Apply expert knowledge of Automation and
    Robotics technologies to help clients utilize   those technologies effectively. Provide integration
    skills to  recognize and utilize the synergies among technologies of diverse engineering

    Intellectual Property Consulting: Participate in brainstorming sessions to generate creative
    new ideas for clients in developing new products. Help clients recognize new inventions and
    assess their economic and competitive protection worthiness, also avoid the expense of marginal,
    though patentable, inventions. Through periodic reviews with clients, identify new inventions and
    initiate timely patent applications for protection of emerging intellectual property especially for
    foreign filing. Work closely with the patent attorneys of clients to provide expert technical insight
    into new inventions, strengthen patent claims and help avoid loopholes for work-around
    possibilities that often results in expanding the scope of the invention, removing undue limitations
    from the claims, adding new matter into the specifications and generating new claims; rights for
    the new inventions are usually assigned to the clients. Review pending product releases and
    their underlying technologies against prior art to assure non-infringement; and if sued, have
    credible material for a strong defense. Analyze competing products, identify potential
    infringement issues and support clients in their law suits.

    Expert Witness Consulting:
    Provide Expert Witness services to clients in defensive and offensive Intellectual Property
    Work with prosecuting attorneys to analyze patent claims, identify relevant prior art, read claims
    on prior art products and inventions and develop the technical content for clients defensive or
    offensive arguments.
    Stand on clients' side. if necessary, for depositions with solid argument and credible presence
    and represent the client's position with expert testimony if called upon during trial.


    ITC Case:  Acted as Witness at trial for the Plaintiff supporting the validity of the Plaintiff's patent
    in a patent infringement law suit, the Judge ruled the claims valid and enforceable.

    Florida, Middle District Court Case: Acted as Expert Witness for the defendant in a patent
    infringement law suit, supporting the defendant's manufacturing system against a process patent;
    developed argument for invalidity based on claim construction and lack of support in the patent
    specifications; surveyed and studied relevant prior art and prepared argument for invalidity;
    clearly outlined material differences between the accused system and the patent claims;
    supported the client's Attorney in deposition of witnesses; scrutinized witnesses' background for
    weaknesses and for follow-up questions; reviewed the plaintiff's arguments and developed
    response material. The case was withdrawn by the plaintiff and the client was fully vindicated.

     II- FANUC Robotics America,
         Consultant & Technical Counsellor
         Product Development and Intellectual Property, 2000-Present

  • Participated in product development discussions for new Industrial Robots
  • Discussed mechanical products, system and controls strategies
  • Participated in brain storming sessions that generated new inventions and patents
  • Reviewed potential new invention ideas and contributed to some inventively
  • Reviewed new products before release to market and recommended for filing patent applications
    on new ideas resulting in the issuance of several patents; some as co-inventor
  • Reviewed new patent applications before filing and recommended, additions to the specifications
    and claim enhancements to widen the scope and close loop holes of work-around

     III- FANUC Robotics North America, Inc.;
          Sr. Vice President, Chief Engineer, and Director, 1982-2000
  • Managed the Engineering Group for Product Development and Systems Engineering
  • Lead the development of and patented the world's first Electrically Powered Painting Robot for
    use in the hazardous environment of automotive painting
  • Trained and coached a new generation of engineers on the then new technology of Robotics
  • Counseled engineers and technicians towards innovative products and new concepts leading to
    the acquisition of numerous patents, some personal and many for others.
  • Continued to provide technical consultation on product developments, mechanical, Systems, and
    Software after retiring in 2000 and now as Technical Counsellor.

     IV- FANUC LTD - Japan:
          Technical Counsellor – Research & Development;  1992-2006

  • Advised R&D engineers on development projects for new products and processes
  • Reviewed New developments of products and recommended material adjustments to improve
    performance, reliability, or avoid infringement on prior art
  • Provided new ideas for product development
  • Participated as representative of GMFanuc and then for FANUC Robotics in joint company
    meetings for New Product Development and Technology Reviews
  • Received several citations of recognition from FANUC 's Chairman, Dr. S. Inaba

      V- GMFanuc Robotics Corporation 1982- 2000
            Sr. Vice President, Chief Engineer & Director

  • GMFanuc was created following Dr. Akeel's development, as lead engineer and project manager,
    of the first computer controlled Painting Robot at GM; the NC Painter.

  • As Member of a 3-person team, surveyed candidate Partners for GM among the leading robotic
    companies in the US, Europe and Japan; negotiated and established the company as a Joint
    Venture Company between General Motors and FANUC LTD of Japan to develop, manufacture,
    market and apply Industrial Robots.

  • Participated as a member of the Executive Management Team in setting the company's vision
    and operational mode as a high tech, innovative, forward looking, business and to grow it as the
    world's leading industrial robot developer, manufacturer, and marketer.

  • Joined GMF as Chief Engineer and managed the engineering department engaged in new
    product developments. Pioneered and patented the development of the first electrically driven
    painting robot for use in hazardous environment. The invention lead GMFanuc, now FANUC
    Robotics, to be the lead supplier of painting robots world-wide. Dr. Akeel also designed and
    patented the first Laser Beam delivery robot with inside-the-arm laser path and pioneered many
    other innovations in Robotics; all led to his election to the National Academy of Engineering and
    other prestigious awards.

     VI - FANUC America Corp. Vice Chairman and Director
         General Manager, FANUC Berkeley Laboratory, 1992-2000

  • Established the laboratory as a Sensor Development facility.
  • Initiated a Micro-electromechanical systems, MEMS, R&D program
  • Formed a team of Silicon processing professionals to design the laboratory, procure the
    equipment and contract for building a class II Clean Room Facility.
  • Built and equipped the laboratory on-time and under budget
  • Developed several micro-machined Sensor products for in-company use.

     VII - General Motors Corporation, Manufacturing Staff
           Sr. Staff Development Engineer, then Department Head

  • Joined GM as Senior Development Engineer engaged in the development of high-performance
    machine tools.
  • Supervised the development team
  • Lead the development of the world's first computer controlled robot for painting automotive car
    bodies on the production line, the NC Painter.
  • Was granted several patents on inventions for manufacturing equipment and processes
  • The successful development of the NC Painter lead to the formation of GMFanuc, now FANUC
    Robotics America, the world's leading Industrial Robot development, manufacturer and marketer
    with offices and installations world-wide

     VIII- University of Michigan, Summer Visiting Professor

  • Performed Joint Research with Professor Clement M. Henry on Engineering Education and the
    Engineers role in Egyptian politics, published in the book, Images of development published by
    the MIT Press

     IX - Univ.  of Ain-Shams, Cairo Egypt, Assistant/Associate Professor

  • Taught Mechanical Design of Machine Elements and published an instruction book titled;  
    Machine Construction

     X- Bendix Corporation: Energy Controls Div.;
              Analytical Specialist; Aircraft Brakes and Landing Gear

  • Joined Bendix as Analytical specialist engaged in the development of advanced aircraft brakes
    and landing gear
  • Contributed to the design and analysis of the Boeing 737, Boeing 747 and Lockheed C-110
    aircraft landing gears and brakes
  • Published a paper that established a new norm for calculating the fatigue life of landing gears
    based on the spectral history of loading. The new method established a new formula for the
    calculation and reduced the cost of the calculation more than ten fold.
  • Was granted two patents for new aircraft brakes
  • Developed a novel vibration absorber for brake disk vibration

     XI - Univ. of California, Berkeley, Calif., Acting Instructor

  • Assisted and lectured on machine design and mechanical vibration course.


  • Elected as Member, National Academy of Engineering, NAE, for pioneering work in robotics
  • Invited frequently as Adviser, National Research Council - NRC
  • Awarded the 1988 Joseph F. Engelberger Award for Technology Development, Robotics
    Industries Association, RIA.
  • Awarded the 1988 State of Michigan Science Trailblazer Award
  • Elected to the College of Fellows, Society of Manufacturing Engineers - SME
  • Elected as Fellow, American Society of Mechanical Engineers – ASME
  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE
  • Certified Manufacturing Engineer, Society of Manufacturing Engineers - SME


  • Expert witness in robotics, automation and intellectual property; evaluation of inventions and
  • Consultant on Product Development, Intellectual Property & Innovation
  • NRC Adviser, Committee on Management of  Radioactive Waste Streams in DOE Tanks, National
    Research Council, NRC, The National Academies.
    Evaluated the DOE Plans for cleaning up defense-related radioactive waste stored in
    underground tanks at three storage sites, Hanford, Savannah River and Idaho National
    Laboratory. The Report was published by the National Academy Press, www.nap.edu  in
  • NRC Adviser, Member, Panel for Manufacturing Engineering, National Research Council, 1997-
    Investigated Soldier Protective Clothing and Equipment and the feasibility of chemical
    testing using a fully articulated Robotic Mannequin; the Report was  published by the
    National Academy Press, www.nap.edu in 2008
  • National Academies Panel for Assessment of Manufacturing Engineering, the National Institute of
    Standards and Technology,
  • Conference Chairman, International Conference on Robotics & Automation, IEEE, 1999.
  • Conference Chairman, The 5th World Conference on Robotic Research, RI/SME, 1994
  • Chairman, Board of Advisers, Robotics International of SME, 1993; Member 1991-1994
  • Conference Chairman, ASME Manufacturing International '88 conference, 1988
  • Conference Keynote Speaker, Design and Manufacturing. Conference, Cairo, Egypt,1988
  • Conference Keynote Speaker, Joint Japan-USA Symposium on Flexible Automation - July 1986,
  • Author, two chapters, Handbook of Industrial Robots


  • Advisory Council, Engineering and Computer Science, Oakland Univ.
  • Board of Visitors, School of Engineering, Univ. of Michigan, Dearborn
  • Board of Advisers, Management of Technology program, Univ. of Calif., Berkeley 1993-1995;
  • International Federation of Robotics, Classification WG.;
  • Mich. Dept. of Labor, MI-OSHA-Part 82, Robotics 1994-5;
  • Adviser; RIA Robotics Safety Standards Committee 1984-present


     NAE (Member), ASME (Fellow), SME (Fellow), IEEE (Member)
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