Consulting & Expert Witness Experience

    Technical Consulting: Assist clients in the design and development of Mechanical,
    Mechatronic and computer controlled products and systems. Apply expert knowledge of Automation
    and Robotics technologies to help clients utilize   those technologies effectively. Provide integration
    skills to  recognize and utilize the synergies among technologies of diverse engineering disciplines.

    Intellectual Property Consulting: Participate in brainstorming sessions to generate
    creative new ideas for clients in developing new products. Help clients recognize new inventions and
    assess their economic and competitive protection worthiness, also avoid the expense of marginal,
    though patentable, inventions. Through periodic reviews with clients, identify new inventions and
    initiate timely patent applications for protection of emerging intellectual property especially for foreign
    filing. Work closely with the patent attorneys of clients to provide expert technical insight into new
    inventions, strengthen patent claims and help avoid loopholes for work-around possibilities that often
    results in expanding the scope of the invention, removing undue limitations from the claims, adding
    new matter into the specifications and generating new claims; rights for the new inventions are usually
    assigned to the clients. Review pending product releases and their underlying technologies against
    prior art to assure non-infringement; and if sued, have credible material for a strong defense. Analyze
    competing products, identify potential infringement issues and support clients in their law suits.

    Expert Witness Consulting:
    Provide Expert Witness services to clients in defensive and offensive Intellectual Property litigation.
    Work with prosecuting attorneys to analyze patent claims, identify relevant prior art, read claims on
    prior art products and inventions and develop the technical content for clients defensive or offensive
    Stand on clients' side. if necessary, for depositions with solid argument and credible presence and
    represent the client's position with expert testimony if called upon during trial.


    ITC Case:  Acted as Witness at trial for the Plaintiff supporting the validity of the Plaintiff's
    patent in a patent infringement law suit, the Judge ruled the claims valid and enforceable.

    Florida, Middle District Court Case: Acted as Expert Witness for the defendant in a patent
    infringement law suit, supporting the defendant's manufacturing system against a process
    patent; developed argument for invalidity based on claim construction and lack of support in the
    patent specifications; surveyed and studied relevant prior art and prepared argument for
    invalidity; clearly outlined material differences between the accused system and the patent
    claims; supported the client's Attorney in deposition of witnesses; scrutinized witnesses'
    background for weaknesses and for follow-up questions; reviewed the plaintiff's arguments and
    developed response material. The case was withdrawn by the plaintiff and the client was fully

    FANUC Robotics America
    Consultant & Technical Counsellor
    Product Development and Intellectual Property, 2000-Present

  • Participated in product development discussions for new Industrial Robots
  • Discussed mechanical products, system and controls strategies
  • Participated in brain storming sessions that generated new inventions and patents
  • Reviewed potential new invention ideas and contributed to some inventively
  • Reviewed new products before release to market and recommended for filing patent applications on
    new ideas resulting in the issuance of several patents; some as co-inventor
  • Reviewed new patent applications before filing and recommended, additions to the specifications and
    claim enhancements to widen the scope and close loop holes of work-around
Amteng Corporation
Consulting & Expert Witness Services

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